Our Holdings


  • photos of the Copper River & Northwestern Railway and its $23 million construction from 1907-1911
  • copper mining, processing, and weighing tools
  • tram buckets and mining equipment
  • photos of the mines, Kennecott mill town, and their construction
  • first aid, safety, and power equipment used by miners and mill workers
  • personal effects of miners and mill workers
  • timecards, switch list, and other business documents from Kennecott and McCarthy
  • Kennecott Hospital relics and photos
  • photos and artifacts about life in McCarthy; Fourth of July paraphernalia
  • cooking appliances, utensils and artifacts from homes in McCarthy and Kennecott
  • women’s clothing, china, and sewing machines
  • McCarthy Golden Saloon cash register
  • panoramic landscape photos by J.P. Hubrick
  • “McCarthy Solstice” mural quilt crafted by Maria Shell and including community member quilt squares (2013)


  • Bertha Ramer Book (former teacher at Kennecott)
  • bush pilot Harold Gilliam of Gilliam Airways
  • Margaret Keenan Harris (abolitionist, suffragist, McCarthy teacher)
  • Dora Keen (early 20th century mountain climber and adventurer, first to summit Mt. Blackburn in 1912)
  • James McCarthy, namesake of the town
  • Ocha Potter (first white woman to float the Copper River and first to make the trip on the CR&NW Railway)
  • information on the bush pilots of the Wrangells
  • various other diaries, journals, letters, and business correspondence of historic residents

Documents & Records:

  • historic news from The Chitina Leader, Katalia Herald, McCarthy Weekly, and Our Town, from 1908 on
  • Wrangell St. Elias News archive
  • National Geographic Magazine 1924-1928
  • historic editions of Alaska Geographic and Alaska Sportsman magazines
  • Kate Kennedy arrest records
  • historic and current maps

Books (alphabetical by author last name):

  • 1973 Report of the Wrangell Mountain Project
  • Report of an Expedition to the Copper, Tanana, and Koyukak Rivers in the Territory of Alaska: A Reprint of Lt. Henry Allen’s 1885 Journal (2005)
  • Picture Journeys in Alaska’s Wrangell-St. Elias, America’s Largest National Park by George Herben (1997)
  • The Copper Spike by Lone E. Janson (1975)
  • Mudhole Smith: Alaska Flier by Lone Janson (1981)
  • Kennecott Kids: Interviews with the Children of Kennecott, Vols. 1 and 2
  • Historic McCarthy by M.J. Kirchoff
  • Pilgrim’s Wilderness: A True Story of Faith and Madness on the Alaska Frontier by Tom Kizzia (2013)
  • Mining in Alaska’s Past, Alaska Division of Parks Office of History and Archeaeology Publication 27 (1980)
  • National Park Service Alaska Park Science books
  • Iron Rails to Alaskan Copper: The Epic Triumph of Erastus Corning Hawkins by Alfred O. Quinn (1995)
  • Tunnel Vision: The Life of a Copper Prospector in the Nizina River Country by Katherine Ringsmuth (2012)
  • A Death Decoded: Robert Kennicott and the Alaska Telegraph by Sandra Spatz Schlactmeyer (2010)
  • Alaska Expedition: Marine Life Solidarity by James P. Sweeney (2011)
  • The List by James P. Sweeney (2010)
  • Alaska’s First Homegrown Millionaire: Life and Times of Cap Lathrop by Elizabeth A. Tower (2006)
  • Alaska’s Homegrown Governor: A Biography of William A. Egan by Elizabeth A. Tower (2003)
  • Big Mike Henry, Irish Prince of the Iron Trails: Builder of the White Pass and Yukon and Copper River Northwestern Railways, by Elizabeth A. Tower, 2003
  • Ghosts of Kennecott: The Story of Stephen A. Birch by Elizabeth A. Tower (2003)
  • Icebound Empire: Industry and Politics on the Last Frontier, 1898-1938 by Elizabeth A. Tower (1996)
  • The Alaska Gold Rush by David B. Wharton (1972)
  • dozens of other books


  1. Do you have any photos or documentation about the Verle Copper mine near Kennicott? My great grandfather staked a copper mine claim in the upper Gilahena River, about 20 miles west of what became the Kennecott Mine.


    1. I am not familiar with the Verle mine and have never seen it mentioned in any of our documents. Do you have any more info about it? I am familiar with the Gilahena River, but have never heard of mining in that direction.

      John the winter answer person


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